A bitter winter's day in the Lake District. Neil and Duncan are stranded at 3,000 feet, huddled in a snowhole, desperately trying to stay alive as temperatures plummet and a fierce snow storm rages outside. Duncan is a novice, Neil is an experienced mountaineer - unfortunately he's the one with the broken leg.

To make matters much, much worse they both belong to Lakeland's newest, smallest and least well-organised mountain rescue team. With funding at an all-time low, a bizarre sponsorship deal in the offing and the team leader's marital problems to argue about - no one's noticed that two of the team are missing. Can Brian, the world-famous mountaineer and rescue team leader, hold his team together long enough to save itself, let alone Neil and Duncan?


by Colin Shelbourn & Andrew Thomas
directed by Lynne Gibbons, performed by members of The Brewery Theatre Company
was a sell out performance at The Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal.

Click here for details of the cast and crew, together with production photographs.

The script is currently undergoing final revision before being released to theatres.
A synopsis and sample scene will be available here to download from December 2006.
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